Maineeaxe – “Shout It Out” (1984)

MaineeaxeShout It Out is a really enjoyable album featuring spirited, good-time hard rock/metal.  Maineeaxe was a British band that released two LPs and one EP for Powerstation Records, with Shout It Out being their debut LP.  Apparently nobody gave a crap about these guys when they arrived late to the NWOBHM party in 1984.  This was unfortunate indeed, because these goofy looking bastards really shat out some infectious ear candy!  The first half of the album kicks serious ass due to rollicking, up-tempo cuts like Run To The Angels and Gonna Make You Rock.  The fine ballad The Game provides a nice change of pace, too.  The album’s best track comes by way of the epic, Viking-themed Steel On Steel – a real shot in the arm to the listener, as the song’s thematic tone contrasts starkly with the rest of the album (which is mostly benevolent rockin’).  Who knew?  By just looking at the album’s “Rocky Horror” cover, one would never guess that Shout It Out could house such a mighty swing of the hammer!

I have Shout It Out on a cassette version called Double Play.  It has all of Shout It Out on side one, and Maineeaxe’s Going For Gold (1985) album on side two.  Nice little package.  My score: B+


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