Six Feet Under – “Eruption” (1984)

Six Feet UnderHigh quality Swedish hard rock here.  Eruption was the second of two albums released by Six Feet Under, this one coming in 1984 (an absolutely amazing year for Swedish hard rock and metal).  Six Feet Under reached back in time a bit, and captured a very organic and somewhat archaic hard rock sound.  Certainly, Deep Purple comes to mind in terms of influences.  There’s plenty of Hammond organ activity, much like ol’ Purple, and it works quite well.  Eruption should appeal to fans of the great White Spirit, as well as obscure British NWOBHM bands Xero and Heritage.  Like those bands, Six Feet Under had one foot firmly planted in the seventies.  The production on this album is top-notch, perfectly suited for the band’s small room sound.  Also, vocalist Bjorn Lodin gave an excellent performance.  He was truly blessed with a great hard rock voice.

Now on to the business of a song on Eruption that deserves its own paragraph — an exquisite rock ballad called Candle In The Dark.  This song isn’t heavy at all, just a plain old rock song, but I swear on all things unholy that Candle In The Dark could have been a Top 40 hit in the United States!  When I first heard Candle In The Dark (track-three on Eruption), I immediately checked my CD’s liner notes to see if Candle In The Dark was a cover.  I couldn’t believe it was an original Six Feet Under tune (that is to say, with a song this great, why weren’t Six Feet Under stars?)  It turns out that Candle In The Dark was written by Eruption producer Ulf Wahlberg (who also played grand piano on the track).  So indeed Candle In The Dark was an original number, though not technically written by Six Feet Under.  The simple piano riff that anchors this song is so well-resolved, so familiar, and so perfect.  Lodin supplied a tremendous vocal.  His warm, rich tone and emotive singing brought the song’s heartbreaking lyrics to life.  It makes me want to just wrap myself in a blanket, suck my thumb, and cry!

Finding lost gems like Candle In The Dark on these oldie hard rock/metal albums is kind of a bittersweet feeling for me.  Obviously it’s the very essence of what I’m after here with this site (finding great songs lost to the sands of time), but it’s also kind of sad that the musicians that created these works of art never had their much deserved moment in the sun.  My score: B+


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