Bullet – “No Mercy” (1984)

BulletAh yes, summertime Teutonia!  Remember how those old Scorpions albums always had a couple of summer-y anthems that made you feel like rolling down the car window and cruising down the boulevard with the stereo cranked?  Songs like Arizona and Big City Nights?  Well, what if I told you that another German band had a similar approach, but with a coarse presentation similar to Accept?  Well, that’s how I think of Bullet.  These guys had a knack for good time metal with big juicy choruses.  They could also drive it on home with some nasty ‘tude.  Like Accept with party hats.  Favorites here include the rockin’ Down By The Neonlights and the irresistible Midnight Stalker.  Another highlight is Drunken Nights (even though the main riff is a dog, Bullet make up for it with a charming chorus).  Elsewhere, Baby We Can Talk is a decent ballad, and No Mercy goes for the throat.  I’ve got my eye out for No Mercy on CD.  My cassette has taken a turn for the worse and is now on life support, but I can’t find the CD at a reasonable price.  That’s a pain in the arse.  My score: B+


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