Talas – “Live Speed On Ice” (1984)

TalasThis is a live recording of Talas delivering the goods on December 2, 1983 at the L’Amour East in NYC.  Too bad the goods being delivered weren’t all that… good.  Most of Live Speed On Ice (including all of side one) is pretty much a turd.  That’s not to say that Talas didn’t sound strong (they did, with the minor exception of singer Phil Naro, whose performance was just so-so), it’s just that the songs themselves weren’t all that special.  Talas was the band of bass ace Billy Sheehan, so of course there’s an obligatory bass solo.  To me, listening to an extended bass solo is only slightly more enjoyable than standing in line to get kicked in the nuts.  Wrapped around the bass solo are the album’s best two cuts, the ass-hauling Inner Mounting Flame, and a rampaging version of High Speed On Ice.  The album closes with a frantic rendition of Sheehan’s trademark Shy Boy, a song he later recorded with David Lee Roth.  My score: C+


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