E.F. Band – “Last Laugh Is On You” (1981)

E.F. BandAt the time of Last Laugh Is On You, E.F. Band consisted of three Swedes.  E.F. Band relocated to the U.K. in 1979 and thus found themselves smack in the middle of the NWOBHM.  The inclusion of one of their songs on the seminal NWOBHM compilation Metal For Muthas (1980) earned the band an unofficial entry into the NWOBHM fraternity.  This, despite their foreign bloodline.  Last Laugh Is On You was E.F. Band’s debut full-length.  The band’s sound was a nimble bit of retro rock with a hankering for blues and a whiff of dope-smoked prog.  Last Laugh Is On You was produced by Derek Lawrence, the same guy who produced a couple of fine NWOBHM platters in Turn The Hell On by Fist and Stand Up And Fight by Quartz (both 1980 releases).  Though Lawrence did an excellent job on those two albums, his work on Last Laugh Is On You wasn’t nearly as robust.  This album sounds trebly by comparison.  The guitar tone used by the band sounds thin and screechy, and the bass drum is almost inaudible.  Nevertheless, Last Laugh Is On You is a likeable album because of its tidy hooks.  Gotta say though, the singing here (by bassist Pär Ericsson) leaves much to be desired.  Thankfully, E.F. Band hired a full-time singer by the time of their second album, 1982’s Deep Cut.  My score: B-


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