Griffin – “Flight Of The Griffin” (1984)

GriffinThis album was recommended to me by a fellow metal maniac.  (Note: I welcome any and all recommendations!  Email them to me at  Having never listened to Flight Of The Griffin, I quickly went out and obtained a copy for my collection (a bootleg CD courtesy of Old Metal Records).  What I discovered was that Flight Of The Griffin (originally on Shrapnel Records) is an impressive stab at early American power metal.  In the vein of fellow American power metal bands like Jag Panzer, Liege Lord, and Omen, Griffin delivered battle field metal with cut-throat ferocity.  Their singer was a rabid jackal by the name of William Rodrick McKay.  His strained vocals can take a bit of getting used to, as he absolutely annihilates his vocal cords here — all for your headbanging amusement.  (Someone get this guy a f*cking Ricola — STAT!)  The standout here has to be the marauding Heavy Metal Attack.  A solid album helped along by a lusty mix.  My score: B


4 thoughts on “Griffin – “Flight Of The Griffin” (1984)

  1. This album is bad ass – one the the true American power metal classics. Kinda like Maiden, Metal Church and Helstar all wrapped into one. Just deadly! FOTG was part of a batch of 4 albums Shrapnel put out around the same time, the other ones being HEXX – No Escape’ (highly recommended!), CHASTAIN – ‘Mystery of Illusion’ (another classic feat. the female answer to RJ Dio, Leather Leone, on vox!), and Cliff Burton’s old band TRAUMA – ‘Scratch & Scream’ (worth owning for the godly ‘Flight of the Raven’ alone). Those were the days…… Sadly, GRIFFIN’s followup ‘Protectors of the Liar’ was a big letdown – weak production, a thrashier style, and pretty generic songwriting. But, ‘Flight……’ – man, what revelation! Buy or die.

      • They probably won’t be easy to find in mint condition if you want vinyl but Shrapnel put out a digipak CD of ‘Mystery of Illusion’ (as well as the excellent followup ‘Ruler of the Wasteland’) a couple of years ago. ‘Scratch & Scream’ was supposed to get a legit CD re-issue as well but I’m not sure it ever happened. In any case, if you go on YouTube you’ll find various songs of all the albums posted. Enjoy!

  2. Loved these guys. Bay Area band with ties to Exodus. Tommy Sprayberry was a kickass bassist who was one of , I think five of Exodus’ bass players, before he went on to help form Griffin. I still own the EP, and Flight of the Griffin albums. Their best shows were at The Stone playing with a Metal Church, Griffin, Exodus line-up. Good times!!

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