Omen – “Battle Cry” (1984)

OmenOmen, like Griffin (below), was another American power metal act with fantasy based lyrics.  If you search the dark corners of the internet, you’ll find much appreciation for this Metal Blade Records act, particularly in regard to their debut Battle Cry.  Though I’m not completely converted, one can definitely see the draw of Omen.  I think they appeal to the geek within us, the one that gets a little excited about tales of buxom wenches, the clash of armor, the flash of steel, and the slaying of dragons.  The band was founded by ex-Savage Grace guitarist Kenny Powell, and fronted by the rusty larynx of J.D. Kimball.  I always found this band’s output to be consistent, though never remarkable.  And I find Battle Cry to be no different.  The best tracks here are Death Rider and Battle Cry.  Decent (and clearly inspired) stuff, but I’m just not ready to classify these guys as part of the killer elite.  My score: B-


3 thoughts on “Omen – “Battle Cry” (1984)

  1. 1. Really appreciate your blog, 2. you are wrong on this one. This is epic, powerful stuff . Almost all songs are killer. Call me a geek but Omen’s Battle Cry is one of the best metal albums of the 80s. Period. Unfortunately, their succeeding outputs couldn’t reach the same level.

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