TT Quick – “Sloppy Seconds” (1989)

Sloppy Seconds (1)After a couple of excellent releases (the TT Quick EP from 1984 and the Metal Of Honor LP from 1986), TT Quick returned in 1989 with this somewhat curious offering.  Sloppy Seconds (on the tiny Halycon label) found this New Jersey band moving away from their muscular metal beginnings in search of a bluesier, boogie-rock style.  There are exceptions, as the crushing Eye Of The Storm harkens back to TT Quick’s old days of hot-blooded metal awesomeness.  And while Sloppy Seconds takes a much more laid back approach than previous TT Quick hardwares, guitarist Dave DiPietro still had a few tasty tricks up his sleeve.  Check him out on that album’s best cut, Deliver Me, where his greasy blues riffage sets up a roaring metallic refrain.  Elsewhere, White Spots conjures Van Halen-like playfulness (featuring a great solo by DiPietro), and Rule The World is a throwback folk rocker.  The Sloppy Seconds title seems to allude to the fact that this album was thrown together from leftover bits and pieces.  Actually, I’m pretty sure TT Quick weren’t even a full-time band at this point.  Sloppy Seconds really has a peculiar mish mash of songs, with many feeling like b-sides.  My guess is that TT Quick made this album just for shits and giggles.  Whatever the case may be, Sloppy Seconds is definitely worth owning for Eye Of The Storm and Deliver Me alone.  Fact is, I really like this band.  They had a “no bullshit” quality that I really admire.  Incidentally, I was ridiculously stoked to hear that TT Quick’s singer Mark Tornillo was plucked from obscurity in 2009 to become the lead singer of a reformed Accept!  Talk about a resurrection!  He’s been kicking ass, too!  (Note: The original album cover is depicted above.  Later pressings used a different cover, as shown below).  My score: B


One thought on “TT Quick – “Sloppy Seconds” (1989)

  1. ‘Sloppy Seconds’ is underrated and actually very good (except for ‘Rule the World’). As for the covers – the b/w one is the LP cover; the cover w/ the hooker is the CD cover.

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