Tyran’ Pace – “Eye To Eye” (1984)

Eye To EyeThere’s really no way around it, Tyran’ Pace were pretty much blatant Judas Priest clones at the time of the Eye To Eye album (Scratch Records).  Eye To Eye was the first of three albums from this German metal band.  I think it is my least favorite of the three, although I consider Tyran’ Pace’s (small) catalog to be a modestly enjoyable collection.  Given the inconsistencies of the Judas Priest discography from the same era, I really don’t mind supplementing my Priest collection with a little more of the same from Tyran’ Pace.  Vocalist Ralf Scheepers provided the Halfie karaoke (adding a German accent for good measure), while a trio of guitarists did their best Tipton/Downing impression.  The first three cuts on the album are the best ones; Highway Knights, Knives And Bones, and Black Leather Beauty.  (Incidentally, I think Tyran’ Pace’s second album, Long Live Metal, is their best.)  My score: B-


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