Aftermath – “Don’t Cheer Me Up” (1988)

AftermathDon’t Cheer Me Up begins with the skull-crushing opening riff of Lines Of Horror.  Expectations are elevated immediately, but as the album progresses, those expectations are doused with the urine of a thousand hobos.  Turns out, Arizona’s Aftermath churned out just another jagged little pill of “progressive” thrash — the kind I’ve heard all too often in my day.  Disjointed songs that flow like paste greet me at every turn.  Don’t Cheer Me Up manages to remain slightly above tolerable throughout its playing time, having few moments of near-zen (like that Lines Of Horror riff).  The album’s best number comes by way of Daemynspeke, though its ten minute length is a douche.  Bottom line: Don’t Cheer Me Up ain’t heinous.  In the cluttered late-eighties thrash world, that’s usually good enough.  My score: C-


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