Mortal Sin – “Face Of Despair” (1989)

Mortal SinThey came from a land down under (where women glow and men plunder).  I don’t know much about Australia.  I just assume that Australian people spend most of their time doing one of two things  — either boxing kangaroos or running from baby-eating dingoes.  I’m also pretty sure Crocodile Dundee is their president.  As for thrash metal, the band Mortal Sin is often considered Australia’s major player.  Face Of Despair was Mortal Sin’s second album.  The sound is akin to Bay Area thrashers like Metallica, Exodus, and most of all, Testament (in my opinion).  However, Mortal Sin weren’t as suffocating as Testament, which is a good thing.  (Better singer, too!)  The songs on Face Of Despair have enough breathing room to counter listener fatigue.  Mortal Sin also (wisely) avoided long songs (one of my thrash pet peeves).  The gang choruses are used to fine effect as well.  My favorite song on Face Of Despair is Martyrs Of Eternity.  It has a simple but effective lead riff that really hits ya right in the thrashticles (also known as the “thrash nuts”).  Cool stuff.  My score: B-


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