Toxik – “Think This” (1989)

ToxikNice!  Though overlooked at the time of its release, Think This by New York’s Toxik is now recognized as somewhat of a cult fave.  Think This (Roadracer Records) was the second (and final) Toxik album.  Comprised of technical thrash that crossed over into power metal territory, Think This showed Toxik’s ability to combine an astute sense of song with an impressive technical acumen.  The production job on Think This is very clean and modern, befitting the band’s surgical precision and icy elegance.  The vocal performance of Charles Sabin is packed with tons of high notes, which he performs with bulletproof ease.  His power metal wail stands as one of the best to ever appear on an eighties thrash metal record!  Fortresses of steel are erected on standout cuts like Think This, Greed, and Spontaneous (the first three tracks on the album, by the way).  The ballad-like There Stood The Fence provides a (courageous) change of pace to the sequence.  Another fave of mine is Toxik’s killer rendition of Zep’s Out On The Tiles — maybe my favorite Zep cover EVER!  (Note: The original vinyl omitted both Out On The Tiles and Technical Arrogance, but the original tape and CD included them both.)  My score: B+


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