Alias – “Metal To Infinity” (1989)

AliasThis is a hell of a find right here!  The Florida power metal band Alias first appeared in 1987 with a self-titled album.  That album had its own charm, but it just doesn’t compare to this triumphant sophomore effort.  The indie released Metal To Infinity (Flame Records) is a well-rounded American power metal record featuring at least one certified gem called Dreamer — a tune that seems to have hypnotized me to repeated listens with its ethereal majesty!  I can’t get enough of this song!  I liken Dreamer to a cross between early Fates Warning and debut-era Fifth Angel.  Overall, Alias was kind of like a more melodic Crimson Glory (and with a less histrionic singer).  Other kick-ass tracks include the brilliant First Born and the spellbinding Alpha-Omega.  Unfortunately, Metal To Infinity is hard to find in both its original LP format, as well as on CD (a 1994 Norwegian re-issue with a different cover).  Right now I’m stuck with only a ripped CD-R, which sucks because I MUST HAVE THIS!  Note: Metal To Infinity features a different singer than Alias’ first album.  Carl Hayden replaced Len Jarrell.  My score: B+


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