Scorpions – “Savage Amusement” (1988)

Savage AmusementIt had been four years since Scorpions’ last full-length LP.  Back in 1984, Scorpions released the spectacular Love At First Sting (their third awesome album in a row).  A massive world tour ensued (documented on the 1985 double live gonzo World Wide Live).  Then the band took a well-deserved break.  A few years later, fans were finally relieved of their worthless Scorpions-free existence when Savage Amusement hit the streets.  However, something strange happened.  The album wasn’t the tits.  In fact, for this Scorpions fan, Savage Amusement is a minor disappointment.  But bad Scorpions is still good music.  So even if Savage Amusement doesn’t quite measure up to Scorpions other 1980’s albums, there’s still plenty to enjoy about this old fossil.

The album’s opener is a quintessential Scorpions tune, and I love it!  Don’t Stop At The Top is Scorpions at their accessible, anthemic hard rock best — a great way to start the album.  Rhythm Of Love follows.  I remember this song when it came out as the album’s first single.  The video was on MTV quite a bit, and at the time I was NOT a fan.  I actually kind of like this song now, though it represents the Scorpions somewhat diluted, softened approach on this record (particularly with regard to the album’s tepid, soap opera lyrics).  My other favorite tracks are Media Overkill and Believe In Love.  The former has a very addictive chorus that I can’t get out of my head.  The latter is just another great Scorpions power ballad.  Scorpions were one of the best in the biz when it came to emotive, overblown rock ballads.  Extra points awarded for Dieter Dierks’ punchy production job.  My score: B+


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