Necrophagia – “Season Of The Dead” (1987)

NecrophagiaCool zombie cover!  Not to sound like an old fart or nuthin’, but I kind of long for the days when zombies weren’t so darn omnipresent in pop culture.  I liked it better when zombies were relegated to cult B-movies and the pages of Fangoria.  These past ten years or so have really seen the whole zombie genre turn mainstream — with movies like Shaun Of The Dead, Zombieland, and Warm Bodies taking the piss out of the old school zombie formula.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Now, onto the album Season Of The Dead (New Renaissance Records) by Ohio’s Necrophagia.  What we have here is early death metal — which (at the time) consisted pretty much of thrash metal with belched, rancid vocals.  Indeed, Necrophagia features some pretty decent thrash with some sturdy riffage.  The turbid sound of the guitars helps to give the album its intended subterranean feel.  As for the vocals, well, I have never been a fan of the death metal vocal style.  Here, vocalist Frank “Killjoy” Pucci spills his gastric fluid all over the vomitorium floor for your listening “enjoyment”.  He’s our ghoulish sherpa on this grotesque trail of entrails.  The lyrics consist mostly of (tongue in cheek?) horror movie type stuff.  Problem is, Pucci’s vocals do not keep time with the music, and his screams are off-key.  His mouth might as well be an asshole because all that comes out of it is messy sh*t.  My score: D


3 thoughts on “Necrophagia – “Season Of The Dead” (1987)

      • True! If those kind of vocals aren’t your cup of tea… I’m not a huge fan of that style but there are a few DM albums I like. I’ll maybe try and listen online before spending any money. Cheers!

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