TT Quick – “Metal Of Honor” (1986)

TT QuickNew Jersey’s TT Quick followed up their stellar debut EP of 1984 with this loud n’ proud full length hardware (Megaforce Records).  The first four tracks on Metal Of Honor are something to behold — a venerable murderer’s row of stainless American steel.  Metal Of Honor, Front Burner, Hard As Rock, and Child Of Sin collectively kick off the album in a no-frills, ballsy style that you’ve just gotta love!  TT Quick spilled lots of blood, sweat, and beer on the East Coast club circuit back in the eighties, and I’m sure it helped shape their tough-as-nails, no bullshit brand of metal.  The first side of Metal Of Honor is so good I just want to crawl inside it and take my pants off.  After Metal Of Honor‘s first four cuts, the album falls back to Earth with a string of so-so, not-as-memorable tunes.  Things end on a high note however, with the album’s stirring finale Siren Song.  Raise a glass to these guys, TT Quick deserve to be remembered.  My score: A-


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