TNT – “Intuition” (1989)

TNTThere are no two ways around it, TNT’s Intuition is unapologetic, 100% wimp metal.  The thing is, it is EXTREMELY well done!  Intuition is polished, elitist, saccharine, and glam to the extreme.  Over-produced, overblown, and overdone.  But because TNT deliver in such a genuine, non-contrived manner, I can’t help but get swept up in the fairy dust.  If your tastes will allow for such things, Intuition can be a very uplifting and enjoyable listen.  TNT fans (and I am one) already know that guitarist Ronni Le Tekro and singer Tony Harnell are two immense talents.  But on Intuition it is Harnell who really steals the show (IMO).  Yes, Le Tekro treats us to his tasteful, razor-sharp playing once again, but it is Harnell who takes the album on his back with his grandiloquent singing.  In particular, it is Harnell’s carefully arranged, lush vocal harmonies that bring celestial tidings.  The question is, are you willing to accept a two inch thick coat of confection sugar in your ears?  Those who are unnerved or embarrassed by such well-crafted wimpitude, run for your lives.  Me?  I’m going to ride a white unicorn straight into this goddamn rainbow.  My score: B+


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