Amebix – “Arise!” (1985)

AmebixAfter listening to Amebix’s Arise! album, I can now officially say I have listened to “crust punk”.  As it turns out, I don’t like crust punk.

The sound here is dilapidated and homeless hardcore punk mixed with rudimentary heavy metal.  Amebix’s soiled street sound served as a fitting  backdrop to their lyrical musings on the shittiness of life.  Me thinks me hears some Motorhead influence bubbling through the mucky muck!  For the most part, Arise! isn’t really in my wheelhouse, as I am more of a straightforward heavy metal and hard rock guy.  When any kind of “core” gets thrown into the mix, I lose interest quick.  That said, Arise! isn’t all-out noise pollution to my ears.  Heck, many of the more extreme forms of eighties metal (re: death metal) are far more excruciating than this kick at the can.  My score: C


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