Death Angel – “Act III” (1990)

Death AngelThere was a very brief window of time when major labels were interested in signing thrash bands.  During this period, Geffen Records picked up Death Angel for their third album, Act III.  Still a very young band at the time, these Bay Area second-wavers already had world-class chops, and this eclectic collection really highlighted their musical breadth.  Produced by Max Norman, Act III found Death Angel experimenting with sounds unfamiliar to thrash acts.  Songs like Veil Of Deception and A Room With A View crossed over into modern rock terrain.  And while these forays were impressive and somewhat interesting, at the end of the day Death Angel were at their best when they brought the heavy artillery.  Straight-up thrashers like Seemingly Endless Time, The Organization, and Falling Asleep are three prime examples of Death Angel doing what they did best.  My score: B


2 thoughts on “Death Angel – “Act III” (1990)

  1. I have yet to check this album, I own Death Angel’s later albums like “The Art of Dying”, “Killing Season” and their 2010 masterpiece “Relentless Retribution”.

    I know their first album was remastered and release (I think) last year.

    Taking into account what I’ve read, I will now be picking up. Thank you.

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