XYZ – “XYZ” (1989)

XYZNice!  XYZ’s debut album really surprised me.  I wasn’t expecting something quite this good.  Maybe I underestimated these guys based on that bland cover photo.  Just another collection of pretty boys, right?  Wrong BITCH!  First things first, XYZ’s guitarist absolutely smoked!  The guy’s name was (and still is) Marc Diglio.  Not exactly a household name, eh?  Well maybe he should be.  I love his tone, his riffs, and his solos.  His style was similar to George Lynch’s (IMO).  Let me give you an example of Diglio’s ownage.  Check out the song Inside Out (here’s a link).  What an awesome lead riff that is!  Sometimes Marc spices it up with some cool harmonics (like at 0:43).  But my favorite part of the song is when Diglio plays a variation of the same riff (at 3:05) by tapping it out with his fingers.  This reminds me of Eddie Van Halen at the end of Little Guitars.  Diglio dishes out plenty of tasty stuff like this all over the album.  Adding to the XYZ package was singer Terry Ilous.  He had a nice set of power lungs.  He did a hell of a job on the beautiful acoustic ballad After The Rain (check it out here).  XYZ is top-shelf hair metal.  My score: A


2 thoughts on “XYZ – “XYZ” (1989)

  1. This is one of those albums that I initially missed out on. You know, highschool, only have so much dough, you can only buy so many bands. These guys were in my periphery but I never got it.

    I agree with your comments on Diglio. He could have been the next hot shot guitarist to come along if grunge didn’t put that out of fashion.

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