Shark Island – “Law Of The Order” (1989)

Shark IslandI’m sure many fans thought that Shark Island was just another Johnny-come-lately L.A. hair band when Law Of The Order dropped in 1989 on Epic Records.  Actually this band had been around (in one form or another) for a whole decade before landing a record deal.  (They were known as Sharks for several years before changing over to Shark Island.)  Unfortunately, Law Of The Order wasn’t a big hit.  There were simply too many hair albums to keep track of in 1989, and many quality bands and albums were lost in the shuffle.  Law Of The Order, for example, is a VERY GOOD album!  If you can get past the somewhat glossy production and stiff drum sound on Law Of The Order, you’re left with a really fun, melodic record with great songs.  And really, that’s what Law Of The Order is all about — great songs.  There wasn’t anything particularly original about these guys.  Shark Island played to the formula of the day, but did it damn near perfectly.  Heck, I like all ten songs on the album!  What more could I ask for?  Faves include the smoldering Paris Calling, the swaggering Shake For Me, and the mellow Why Should I Believe.  The show closes on the surprisingly kick-ass cover of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain.  Nice!  If you see Law Of The Order collecting dust in a used bin, scoop it up!  My score: A-


3 thoughts on “Shark Island – “Law Of The Order” (1989)

  1. Yep, good disc. I was hip to these dudes when they were still called Sharks and mail ordered the ‘Alter Ego’ album from Azra/Iron Works. Not bad, not great. Got the self-released ‘S’cool Buss’ SHARK ISLAND debut as well, which contains some great tracks, especially the Billy Idol flavored ‘Deja Vu’, ‘Excess Marks the Spot’, and the smoldering ‘Read My Lips’. Too bad these guys missed the boat and only got signed to a major as melodic hard rock was a couple of years away from public death in the U.S.. On LOTO, they had the songs to do some damage – ‘Paris Calling’ (again, getting an Idol vibe on this one) is a great rocker and one of the best unsung ‘hair metal’ gems from the era.

    Btw, the French CD re-issue of LOTO on Bad Reputation is worth tracking down as it contains an extra disc with the full ‘July 14, 1989 Bastille Day – Alive At The Whiskey’ radio promo EP, ‘Father Time’ and ‘Dangerous’ from the ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ OST, ‘My City’ from the ‘Point Break’ OST, and two LOTO era live cuts, ‘Spellbound’ and ‘Sanctuary.’ Perfect!

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