Sweet F.A. – “Stick To Your Guns” (1990)

Stick To Your GunsAnother great slice of good ol’ American pie!  Sweet F.A.’s debut Stick To Your Guns (MCA Records) is yet another forgotten nugget from the jam-packed year of 1990.  The sound here is revved up, swampy southern rock mixed with old fashion sleaze metal.  With Stick To Your Guns, you don’t get the sense these guys were corporate puppets in any way.  They sounded young, hungry, and all about living the good life.  There’s a genuine love for the music that is downright infectious on these party rockin’ tunes.  The best hard rocker on this album is the first track Prince Of The City.  Love that down and dirty sound!  Another KILLER tune is the title track, Stick To Your Guns.  I get a little bit of a Tesla vibe on this one — and that’s a good thing.  Great lyrics on Stick To Your Guns, too.  The semi-ballad Heart Of Gold is another winner (although the singer sounds a little shaky on that first verse).  The album closes with a cool acoustic tune called Southern Comfort.  This is definitely a porch swing song.  Imagine yourself on a hot summer night, looking out over the bayou, sippin’ on some SoCo, and pickin’ on the gee-tar.  This song takes you there.  My score: B+


2 thoughts on “Sweet F.A. – “Stick To Your Guns” (1990)

  1. I remember this as being incredibly derivative, part of the last wave of major label hair metal signings before ‘Nevermind’ made it all obsolete over night. But, props to them for having good taste in music and naming themselves after the monumental SWEET song off the ‘Sweet Fanny Adams’ album.

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