Alias – “Alias” (1987)

AliasAlias’ debut (Grudge Record) was quite understated and restrained compared to most U.S. power metal albums of the day.  There isn’t a whole lot of bombast on display here.  Instead, there’s a certain quaintness that gives Alias its subtle charm.  Aside from the thin production, the only complaint I can give to Alias is that the choruses are underdeveloped.  For example, the cut Prisoner Of Dreams starts of with a lot of promise — it has a driving beat and sharp riff that builds to a fine pre-chorus.  Expectations for a big payoff are dashed, however, by an underwhelming refrain.  Nevertheless, Alias is a decent album.  Alias’ second album Metal To Infinity (1989) was much better.  My score: B-


2 thoughts on “Alias – “Alias” (1987)

  1. I saw the title of this review — “Alias” — and assumed it was the Canadian band of the same name! I’ve never heard of this Alias before! Our Alias was three ex-members of Heart with two members of Sheriff.

    Perhaps I shall check out this second album that you speak of!

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