Britny Fox – “Britny Fox” (1988)

Britny FoxNice cover, boyz.  And by that I mean that it is breathtakingly awful.  Look at the second guy from the left.  See the look of regret on his face?  (Doesn’t he also look like the actor Will Forte?)  The guy all the way on the right has a similar look, with a touch of shame tossed in for good measure.  And you thought your yearbook photo was embarrassing?  These guys look like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart mated with a Chia Pet.

As for the music, Britny Fox is a hit and miss album.  The band may remind some people of a similar transvestite four-piece called Cinderella — mostly because of the Tom Keifer-like vocals on display.  Britny Fox went for a somewhat clumsy, anthemic sound.  Yes, it’s heavier than it looks, but that’s not saying much because it looks gayer than a three dollar bill.  One perfect little gem highlights the album — Long Way To Love.  Killer song!  I also think Britny Fox’s cover of Gudbuy T’Jane (by Slade) suited them very well.  Meanwhile, Britny’s attempt at a power ballad, Save The Weak, was a wild swing and a miss (lame lyrics).  Rock Revolution also pinched a steamy deuce.  My score: B-


2 thoughts on “Britny Fox – “Britny Fox” (1988)

  1. Hey? What about Girlschool. Sure the song may have a dash or two of weak sauce, but the video of those cute little catholic girls in their short skirts made the world a better place.

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