Dokken – “Back For The Attack” (1987)

DokkenDokken weren’t exactly brimming with new ideas on this, their fourth LP.   But Dokken was a band that knew where their bread was buttered, and as such held tight to their prototypical sound on Back For The Attack.  As per usual, George Lynch’s guitar work was razor-sharp.  One of his best riffs is the one that leads off the album on Kiss Of Death.  Lyrically, Dokken stuck to their guns — singing tales of burning hearts, as well as love in both chained and unchained forms.  Despite the songwriting credits spread amongst all four members of Dokken, I’m surprised on how homogenous the thirteen cuts on Back For The Attack turned out.  Most of the songs have the same mid-paced tempo.  An all-too-familiar feel permeates the album.  Let’s face it, by this point in their career, Dokken could write songs like Stop Fighting Love in their sleep.  Again, Dokken was a band fully aware of their fans’ expectations, and were happy to oblige.  My score: B


2 thoughts on “Dokken – “Back For The Attack” (1987)

  1. Hey Jeff, great review again. This album was my entry point into Dokken, so I for me I didn’t even really know much of the earlier music. I agree this album sounds homogenous — I think I’d rate it somewhere in the neighborhood of a B as well. Maybe a B+ from me.

    Somewhere around Planet LeBrain I also have a Dream Warriors 7″ single with the bonus track “Back For the Attack” — which wasn’t on the album Back For the Attack” as you know! I might have to dig it up and review it.

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