Fastway – “Trick Or Treat: Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack” (1986)

FastwayFastway was commissioned to record the music for the 1986 horror film Trick Or Treat.  The movie itself, objectively speaking, was an absolute turd.  However, for yours truly, Trick Or Treat is a surprisingly watchable flick — undoubtedly due to my nostalgic soft spot for all things eighties.  The idea of cheesy horror mashed-up with heavy metal seems like a dream come true, and in some ways Trick Or Treat delivers in spades.  By the way, Fastway’s music was used judiciously, and to nice effect, in the movie.

As for the album itself, it is pretty clear that Fastway threw this thing together without any effort whatsoever.  This seemed like nothing more than an easy paycheck for Fastway.  The album contains seven tracks of all-new Fastway material.  It sounds like it was written in a single day.  As for the lyrics?  Twenty minutes, tops.   Yes indeed, these new songs are egregiously underwritten, hemorrhaging with generic riffs and half-assed lyrics.  Choruses are repeated over and over, and the songs fade out unceremoniously.  Yet despite this obviously phoned-in effort by Fastway, the Trick Or Treat album is surprisingly listenable (in much the same way that the movie is surprisingly watchable).  It’s dumb as hell, but it somehow works.  The songs Trick Or Treat and After Midnight are the best cuts (of the new material).  Two additional songs are tacked on to the end of the album.  These are from previous Fastway albums.  Heft is from Fastway (1983) and If You Could See is from All Fired Up.  Listen to If You Could See if you want to hear what Fastway sounded like when they actually gave a shit.  My score: B


4 thoughts on “Fastway – “Trick Or Treat: Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack” (1986)

  1. Really like the first Fastway, and have purchased and enjoy 2012’s Eat Dog Eat. Missed everything in between. Listened to ‘If You Could See’ at your suggestion and dug it. Didn’t find a review of All Fired Up on your site; is it a worthy follow up to the s/t album?

  2. Yes, All fired up in a very solid thrift store buy if you can find it. Killer art cover. Waiting for the roar has it moments but they started running out of ideas at that time and Dave ” Zep” King was getting bored.

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