Axxis – “Kingdom Of The Night” (1989)

AxxisHere’s a band that really gets me right in the ol’ sweet spot!  Germany’s Axxis debuted with this strong album of high-end melodic metal in the tradition of German bands like Tyran’ Pace, Sinner, and Bonfire.  Throw in a little hair band flair, a sprinkle of cheese, and a dash of pomposity and you have yourself a tasty metal sauce!  The recording itself is, unfortunately, colder than a witch’s tit (thanks in large part to the electronic drum sound), but Kingdom Of The Night prevails because of its unapologetic adherence to melody above all else.  Vocalist Bernhard Weiss reaches for the high notes, and grabs them with ease.  Hardened metal heads will likely dismiss Axxis as too wimpy, but I am never one to shy away from this end of the metal spectrum.  In fact, I love this stuff (as long as it’s done with sincerity).  Faves include the glorious Living In A World, the charging steed that is Kings Made Of Steel, and the sappy ballad Fire And Ice.  My score: A


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