Mötley Crüe – “Girls, Girls, Girls” (1987)

Motley CruePersonally, I don’t think the level of fame and success that Mötley Crüe has achieved in their career is all that justified.  Sure, they have quite a few killer tunes in their catalog, but their albums have always been a tad underwhelming.  More style than substance (IMO).  Take, for example, 1987’s Girls, Girls, Girls album.  I mean, most of this record is a phoned-in turd.  You can tell that Mötley Crüe didn’t put a whole lot of thought into this album.  They admitted as much in their autobiography.  The guys in the Crüe were pretty much snow-blind fiends at this point, surviving on inertia and reputation more than by the quality of their music.  Save for the great Wild Side and the decent title track, there’s not much on Girls, Girls, Girls to get excited about.  Jeesh, side two is pretty much a joke.  The song Five Years Dead is practically a re-write of Girls, Girls, Girls from side one!  The album closes with a cover of Jailhouse Rock — further evidence that the boys were all out of material and needed to fill up some space.

Though Girls, Girls, Girls was wildly successful, Mötley Crüe were running on fumes at the time, and they knew it.  The straightened out their act (allegedly) in time for the respectable Dr. Feelgood album (1989).  Somewhere along the way, Nikki Sixx claims to have “died” of a heroin overdose.  Sixx has been milking that story ever since.  I’m pretty sure he introduces himself like this; “Hi, I’m Nikki Sixx and I did heroin.”  It’s like a badge of honor for him.  Loser.  My score: C+

3 thoughts on “Mötley Crüe – “Girls, Girls, Girls” (1987)

  1. I started reading The Dirt but the guy’s horrible personalities kept putting me off. They are really hostile, unpleasant, thieving, mooching sponges in that book. It makes it really difficult to enjoy anything they do musically when you remember what a bunch of jerks they were.

  2. Wild Side is a killer track, but the rest … yeeucch! I always think they’re the classic case of right time, right place – an awful lot of much more talented bands went by the wayside and they endured.

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