Holocross – “Holocross” (1988)

HolocrossThese Pittsburgh area thrashers played with all the subtlety of a shotgun blast to the nuts.  This screechy, treble-y New Renaissance Records release was made for hardcore thrash lovers only.  Even then, I can’t imagine the hardiest of thrash fans ever having Holocross in heavy rotation.

On Holocross, the drummer relentlessly assaults his snare drum on every beat, while the guitarist spews mangled, god-awful lead breaks along the way.  The singer re-invents himself on almost every song.  Sometimes he’s a shouter, other times a screamer — heck, he’s even a singer now and again.  Pretty impressive, actually.  Bless their souls, Holocross wanted nothing more than to splatter your brain matter with a shovel full of THRASH.  That said, I have no plans to listen to this album ever again.  My score: D


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