Hydra Vein – “Rather Death Than False of Faith” (1988)

Hydra VeinI don’t expect much from U.K. thrash, so I was happy to get just a smidgen of enjoyment out of Rather Death Than False Of Faith.  Let’s not get excited.  This isn’t a classic album by any means.  The sound quality is pretty poor (as if recorded in a mine shaft) and the guitar work is sloppy (as if played with mittens).  There’s a good chance both were intentional — to capture a certain underground vibe perhaps.  The overall sound is undeniably crude. The vocals are harsh, yes, but also decipherable and listenable (thankfully).  There are more than a few nods to Slayer on Rather Death Than False Of Faith — most noticeably in some of the ear-splitting, noisy solos (especially the guy playing in the left channel), as well as the intro to Rabid.  The surprise I got from this album (Hydra Vein’s first) is the decent hooks in most of the songs.  Little vocal inflections, and well-balanced rhythm changes keep things interesting.  The best track is The House.  My score: C+



5 thoughts on “Hydra Vein – “Rather Death Than False of Faith” (1988)

  1. No I didn’t play with mittens and yes the sound is shitty. Given £200 by record label and 4 days to record. Old school 🙂

      • Haha No worries at all 🙂 We are still glad of the interest after all these years. We’d of loved to redo the album as there is some great tunes in there but alas it’ll never happen as I’m the only one still playing. Playing is better these days as well. New gloves! 🙂

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