Holy Moses – “Finished With The Dogs” (1987)

Holy MosesTight riffing and sick drumming, yes, but the vocals?  HELL NO!  Holy Moses’ singer was a female by the name of Sabina Classen.  With a heavy German accent, Classen screams uncontrollably for the album’s entirety in one of the most putrid, rancid voices I have ever heard.  I can’t believe such a hellish sound could possibly vomit forth from the mouth of a woman.  Her performance is comically intense, going far beyond my personal threshold for ear pain.  You see, I draw the line somewhere around Paul Baloff’s performance on Exodus’ Bonded By Blood.  Anyone more extreme than Paul’s performance on that classic album is just too much for me.  Classen obliterated that line somewhere around song #1.  Therefore, I hereby pronounce the Finished With The Dogs album unlistenable.  My score: F

Kill It With Fire


2 thoughts on “Holy Moses – “Finished With The Dogs” (1987)

  1. I have the same problem. I love a lot of Teutonic Thrash musically, but the bands with harsher vocals are hard to take. I like Kreator and Sodom but I’d love them a lot more if they had Michale Kiske on vocals.

    Even Sepultura, the first two albums’ vocals are hard going for me. I’d prefer if bands had singers more in the Joey Belladonna range for this sort of music.

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