Lita Ford – “Lita” (1988)

Lita FordAnyone remember the music video for Lita Ford’s Kiss Me Deadly?  It featured Lita slithering around in a skimpy leather outfit, tussling her hair, and being all sexy.  I bet there were more than a few teenage boys who did the ol’ tugaroo to that video, eh?  Anywayz… Lita Ford was presented to the pop metal audience as a sexy vixen who could rock with the big boys.  And in many ways, she kind of was.  She was a strong singer, and an able guitar player.  However, I don’t think the Lita album did quite enough to back up Lita Ford’s “metal chick” image.  This album is not as rockin’ as one would hope.

A bunch of outside writers helped Ford craft this nine song album.  Contributors included Lemmy Kilmister, who co-wrote the rote rocker Can’t Catch Me, and Nikki Sixx, who co-wrote the underwhelming Falling In And Out Of Love.

Overall, Lita suffers from an over-dependence on David Ezrin’s keyboards, and tries a little too hard for commercial acceptance.  By far the two best tunes are also the album’s two big hits — the aforementioned Kiss Me Deadly (written by Mick Smiley) and the power ballad Close My Eyes Forever (a duet with Ozzy).  My score: B-


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