Anthrax – “State Of Euphoria” (1988)

AnthraxHmmm… something is just a bit off here.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  1988’s follow up to the great Among The Living (1987) does not match its predecessor in terms of re-playability.  The pieces were certainly in place — tons of riffs, good singing, and killer drumming.  This was still prime Anthrax.  But the ever-elusive “it” factor seems to be absent from State Of Euphoria.  By the band’s own admission the album was a disappointment.  Anthrax rushed to complete the album before venturing out on the Monsters Of Rock tour.  Maybe that is the reason why this very solid album isn’t a great album (by Anthrax’s high standards).  The only tangible complaint I have is some of the songs drag on.  The most succinct track also happens to be my favorite, Antisocial.  Perhaps because it was a cover, the band didn’t over-think themselves too much on Antisocial and just let it rip.  My score: B-


7 thoughts on “Anthrax – “State Of Euphoria” (1988)

    • The production didn’t really bother me so much (at least consciously). I thought it was similar to “Among The Living”, though a closer inspection may be in order.

  1. I totally know what you mean. I love Belladonna era Anthrax, and this album has everything that the other albums do. There’s nothing that you can say is poor about it. But there’s just something mysteriously less good about it than the others.

    I find any song in isolation is good. Any part in isolation is good. There’s absolutely nothing wrong. …and yet, it just isn’t as good as you’d imagine.

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