Rage – “Perfect Man” (1988)

RageGermany’s Rage made a few changes for this 1988 LP (Noise Records).  Rage trimmed down to a three-piece band and added a much-needed power metal element to their blurry speed attack on Perfect Man.  The result is a lean and mean record that is sure to please those who prefer a little melody with their methampheta-metal.  Band leader Peter “Peavy” Wagner provided a yelpy vocal performance (he also played bass).  Rage locked in for a furious round of brisk, concise tunes — forsaking fluff and wank for the sake of the song.  Rage gets right to the point on each and every track — and you’ve got to respect their no-bullshit approach.  The album’s absolute high water mark comes by way of the stunning speed metal masterpiece Don’t Fear The Winter — one of the best songs in the genre!  I’m also a huge fan of the (surprisingly) poignant A Pilgrim’s Path.  My score: B+


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