House Of Lords – “Sahara” (1990)

House Of LordsSahara may sound a little more scrubbed and corporate than one would typically prefer, but this album is not without merit.  I would put this album on par with House Of Lords’ previous eponymous release (1988), but with the added bonus that Sahara contains the exquisite cover of Blind Faith’s Can’t Find My Way Home.  This song is probably one of my favorite covers EVER, and although it did get some radio airplay at the time, I think it should have been a SMASH hit.  House Of Lords’ best weapon was their powerhouse vocalist James Christian.  With just the right amount of rasp, he possessed a voice tailor-made for melodic hard rock.  His performance on Can’t Find My Way Home is absolutely stellar.  Another solid cut is Chains Of Love.  However, Sahara does suffer from some of the typical pitfalls of the hair band era.  That is, the glossy production and overuse of keyboards (by Gregg Giuffria) give the album a certain vanilla quality that softens the impact of the heavier rockers (like Kiss Of Fire) and relegates the balladry to drippy soap opera status.  But for one shining moment, with Can’t Find My Way Home, House Of Lords reached the highest of highs.  Salute!  My score: B


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