Stormwitch – “Stronger Than Heaven” (1986)

StormwitchHalloween is right around the corner my friends!  I like to keep myself busy during the Halloween season in a number of ways.  First of all, I like to prepare for the big night by putting razor blades in all the candy I’ll be handing out to the kids.  That’s a given.  But, I also like to get in the mood by watching old eighties horror movies (here’s a choice selection).  And, of course, I like to listen to some old school heavy metal with a scary vibe.  In this case, anything by Stormwitch will suffice.

Stormwitch was a German metal band that released a handful of albums in the eighties.  They wrote songs about spooky stuff like witches, werewolves, and vampires.  They dubbed themselves “The Masters Of Black Romantic”.  I’m not exactly sure what the f*ck that means, but just trust me when I tell you all of Stormwitch’s songs were about creepy stuff.  You could also always count on Stormwitch to have a cheesy (but awesome) album cover, emblazoned with their kick-ass logo.

Sonically, one could consider Stormwitch somewhere betwixt early Iron Maiden and late-eighties Running Wild (but not quite).  Fans of lesser-known German metal bands like Gravestone, Veto, and Attack may find themselves mildly obsessed with Stormwitch after just a few spins.  There’s plenty to love — twin leads, crisp vocals, and catchy hooks galore.

Stormwitch’s third album was 1986’s Stronger Than Heaven (Scratch Records).  Nice production by the folks at Scratch, as per usual.  Stronger Than Heaven features one of Stormwitch’s best songs, Ravenlord.  This little gem was covered splendidly by Hammerfall many years later.  Another killer tune is the epic, 7 minute plus, Jonathan’s Diary (based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula).  Pretty much a classic chunk of traditional eighties metal right there.

So come on, get in the Halloween spirit!  Throw some candy corn in your slovenly suck hole, inhale that olden rubber Halloween mask smell, and crank a little Stormwitch on the ol’ stereo.  ‘Tis the season!  My score: B





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