Shotgun Messiah – “Shotgun Messiah” (1989)

Shotgun MessiahShotgun Messiah was a Swedish glam band that came to Hollywood to make it big.  Their first American album, Shotgun Messiah, was a re-mix (or re-recording?) of their Swedish debut Welcome To Bop City (recorded under the name Kingpin and released in 1988).  Shotgun Messiah were heavier than they looked (and they looked gayer than a three dollar bill) — akin to bands like Mötley Crüe or Tigertailz.  Their guitarist (Harry K. Cody) was pretty damn good, and showed off his shred skills judiciously on this LP.  Shotgun Messiah possessed a certain endearing quality, likely due to their foreign upbringing.  They were new to the L.A. scene.  Sometimes cluelessness is a blessing in disguise!  Shotgun Messiah is not a great album, but it does have three good tunes.  My favorite is Nowhere Fast — a lost gem, and a perfect anthem for the wasted!.  Bop City and Don’t Care ‘Bout Nothing are also recommended.  My score: B


6 thoughts on “Shotgun Messiah – “Shotgun Messiah” (1989)

  1. Wow, I never knew that Shotgun Messiah were a glam band. I have their album “Violent New Breed” which is very good by the way. It doesn’t sound like something a glam band would put out.

  2. If there was such a thing as ‘guilty pleasures’, this album would be one of them. I saw these guys fresh off the boat, first show in the U.S. back in ’89. Of course, by that time the glam metal scene was already hopelessly oversaturated but there was a nasty, sleazy, almost punk attitude edge to these guys that set them apart from the pack. They had some great songs, ‘Nowhere Fast’ and ‘Don’t Care ’bout Nothing’, one of the great rebel anthems of the 80’s (“I don’t care about nothing – nothing at all. I don’t care about nothing – damn you all!”), in particular. And they had Harry Cody, who was a MFer on guitar to say the least (‘The Explorer’ being his showcase – jawdropping!). No wonder Joe Satriani’s star bassist, Stu Hamm, snagged him for his touring band pretty quickly. A shame Harry totally disappeared from the scene after SM called it a day. Of course, we all know about Tim ‘Tim’ Skold’s career with KMFDM, Skold and Manson.

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