Y&T – “Contagious” (1987)

Y&TY&T were one of the premiere American hard rock acts in the early 80s.  Unfortunately, not a whole lot of fans seemed to take notice, and the band’s albums underperformed.  Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, Y&T looked to Geffen Records to help them break through with the American record buying public (Y&T had previously been signed to A&M Records).  But Y&T’s first album with Geffen, 1987’s Contagious, was an egregious over-correction that can only be viewed, in hindsight, as a complete and utter embarrassment for Y&T.  You’ve got to feel bad for Y&T front-man Dave Meniketti here.  As a talented singer, guitarist, and writer, he had to sit idly by and watch less deserving bands make it big while his own band remained a perennial opening act.  But with Contagious, Dave and Y&T bowed to trends, lobotomized their sound, and were played for fools by whoever the f*ck convinced them to make this cheesy, dumbed-down disaster of a record.  Brutally retarded lyrics, annoying choruses, and bad Van Halen impressions make Contagious a disappointment of epic proportions.  If it weren’t so sad, it would be hilarious.  My score: C



3 thoughts on “Y&T – “Contagious” (1987)

  1. I did find this one a smidge better than Down For The Count……Contagious the song they were chasing the Jovi crowd with the whoo ooooohs and stuff…..stick to Meanstreak fellas!

  2. I was a huge Y&T fan in the early 80’s and saw them live with AC/DC as ‘Black Tiger’ had just come out. Then ‘Meanstreak’ hit and you could tell that they were heading in a more commercial direction. They still had some cool tunes but I was bummed out – the teeth had been pulled. It was about radio play and MTV from that point on. Everything they put out after ‘Meanstreak’ is non-essential and a far cry from the greatness of ‘Earthshaker’ and ‘Black Tiger’, particularly the 2 Geffen albums before they called it a day in the early 90’s.

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