Fifth Angel – “Time Will Tell” (1989)

Fifth AngelWith a new lead guitarist in tow, Fifth Angel returned in 1989 with the follow-up to their stellar eponymous debut (1986).  But it pains me to say that I can’t get behind Time Will Tell with the same enthusiasm I had for Fifth Angel.  Though the guitar playing is excellent, the songs themselves suffer from generic, weak choruses.  These choruses go nowhere, no matter how many times they are repeated (re: Broken Promises).  The songwriting is just not on point.  Time Will Tell (Epic Records) wasn’t exactly a timely follow-up to Fifth Angel, and I wonder if the wind was knocked out of Fifth Angel’s sails by the time Time Will Tell came around.  I’m just not feeling the same hunger in these songs.  Take for example the song Seven Hours.  To me, it almost seems that vocalist Ted Pilot hadn’t adequately rehearsed the song.  On the verses, he sounds unsure in his delivery.  To be honest, it sounds like Pilot is reading the lyrics from a piece of paper for the first time!  (Of course, I could be WAY off here.)  The most disappointing song on the album is Feel The Heat — a catchy song absolutely RUINED by terrible lyrics.

Note: Ken Mary, who played drums on the debut, is not billed as an official member of Fifth Angel for Time Will Tell.  Though he does play drums on the album, he was actually an official member of House Of Lords at the time.  My score: C+


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