Warlock – “Triumph And Agony” (1987)

WarlockTriumph And Agony was Warlock’s fourth album.  The “powers that be” were pushing Doro as the face of the band — she appears on the front and back cover of the LP (an understandable marketing decision given the blonde beauty’s sex appeal).  But fear not, for a photo of the entire band appears in the liner notes.  There you’ll find all five members in all their poodle-headed glory, ensconced in stone-washed denim.  Triumph And Agony was the band’s only album to chart in the States.  The sound is mainstream metal — a mix of anthems, ballads, and fast metal numbers.  I’ve always contended that Doro was not the greatest singer in the world, but she made up for it with the palpable passion in her voice.  However, even her passion can’t excuse the excruciating screams she uncorks on the over-the-top barnstormer Touch Of Evil.  Truly awful — but high in comedy!  My favorite track is I Rule The Ruins.  My score: B


4 thoughts on “Warlock – “Triumph And Agony” (1987)

  1. Warlock for me was a band that was pretty good but never had the ability to go “Next Level.” Still enjoy their albums, however.

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