Chastain – “The 7th Of Never” (1987)

ChastainThis is the third album from Chastain (Leviathan Records).  The band took its name from guitarist and principal songwriter David T. Chastain.  This was really more of a studio project than a true band.  In fact, the guitars, the drums, and the vocals weren’t even recorded in the same zip code.  Vocals were provided (in savage fashion) by a lioness named Leather Leone.  One can’t question Leone’s intensity, that’s for sure.  Ol’ Leather may have been partaking in a little bit of that booger sugar in the studio, because she sounds sufficiently coked-up.  Who knows, and who cares.  Unfortunately, poor production hasn’t helped The 7th Of Never to age well.  Ken Mary’s drums are way too loud in the mix, and worse yet, they sound like someone jiggling a bag of cutlery.  I’m pretty sure his snare drum was actually a pie tin.  As for David T. Chastain, he was the typical Shrapnel-style shredder.  (In fact, Chastain’s first two albums came out on Shrapnel Records.  The band was actually built around David by Shrapnel head Mike Varney.)  Anywayz, David unloads a fair share of fast flourishes here, sometimes in the neo-classical style of Yngwie.  But like Yngwie, his solos don’t have much to say.  Just lots and lots of notes.  My favorite song on The 7th Of Never is We Must Carry On.  My score: C+


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