Helix – “Wild In The Streets” (1987)

HelixHelix is like that cheap beer your Dad used to drink.  It may not be the most carefully crafted brew around, but it’ll get you drunk just the same.  So let Helix be your case of Schlitz tonight.  At least you know what to expect when you tear into a Helix record — flop sweat and raunch n’ roll.  1987’s Wild In The Streets may not be Helix’s best album (I prefer 1983’s No Rest For The Wicked and 1984’s Walkin’ The Razor’s Edge for my Helix fix), but it’ll do in a pinch.  Plus, you’ve just got to love charismatic Helix front man Brian Vollmer.  Brian is like that crazy uncle your Mom told you to stay away from when you were a kid.  A “bad influence”, she said.  You know the one.  He would tell dirty jokes and let you drink some of his beer on the sly.  Of course, years later you found out your favorite uncle wasn’t so much funny as he was a hopeless alcoholic with a gambling problem.  But I digress…

Heck, it isn’t all that complicated.  Simply put, Brain and Helix just wanted to rock you.  So let ’em rock you.  It’s not like you have anything better to do.  My score: B


3 thoughts on “Helix – “Wild In The Streets” (1987)

  1. This album has the song “She’s Too Tough”, which was written by Def Leppard but given to Helix because they didn’t want it (cuz it’s not too good).

    But then, it seems Def Leppard got desperate for material and released their own version of that song as a “bonus track” on the Japanese version of their “Adrenalize” album.

    I like both Helix and Def Leppard’s early-mid ’80s albums but don’t really like either “Wild In The Streets” nor “Adrenalize”.

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