Obsession – “Methods Of Madness” (1987)

ObsessionI’m not sure about that cover, boyz.  Nothing says “metal” like an 8th grade science teacher!  Anyway… Obsession (like Liege Lord and Fates Warning) were a metal band out of Connecticut (my neck of the woods).  They were one of the numerous American bands churning out convincing “traditional” metal circa 1987.  It’s hard to turn your nose up at this stuff because it adheres so faithfully to the metal tenements we’ve all come to know and love — razor-sharp riffs, twin leads, and screaming vocals.  It’s a time-worn formula that Judas Priest perfected in the late seventies, and Obsession was carrying that torch with pride in ’87.  In particular, the golden pipes of vocalist Mike Vescera really helped Obsession standout from the fray.  Sure, Vescera isn’t exactly a household name, but he has amassed quite a resume over the years — a testament to his talents.  One of the things I really like about his work on Methods Of Madness is his effective use of two-part harmonies on certain vocal parts.  These overdubbed, high harmonies really give the songs that extra punch.  Choice cuts: For The Love Of Money and Killer Elite.  My score: B


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