Bonfire – “Fireworks” (1987)

BonfireSeemingly only to confuse your trusty reviewer, Bonfire’s 1987 album was released with at least three different covers (and as both Fire Works and Fireworks).  This Michael Wagener-produced banquet sauntered down the same well-worn path first blazed by its lusty predecessor Don’t Touch The Light (1986).  Although Fireworks is not as heavy.  Or as good.  It also leans a little more towards American glam than Don’t Touch The Light.  I guess you could say that Bonfire were one of the few German “hair” bands, although their “nice guy” lyrics didn’t really put them in the same company as those “bad boy” poodle-heads outta Hollywood.  Like Don’t Touch The Light, Fireworks is flush with melody — keyboards and big vocal harmonies being key ingredients to Bonfire’s confectionery cooking.  Note: Ken Mary guests on drums — yet another stop on Ken’s quest to be part of every band that ever existed.  (Somewhere, Rudy Sarzo is proudly nodding his head.)  My score: B


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