Y&T – “Ten” (1990)

Y&TI’ll always have a soft spot for Y&T.  They were one of the few American bands that rocked hard in the very early eighties.  Those were some lean years in the States.  Y&T deserve our respect.  It was during those wasted days that Y&T were at their ballsy best.  Earthshaker (1981), Black Tiger (1982), and Meanstreak (1983) were all “classic” Y&T hardwares.  But luck was never really on Y&T’s side.  Nope, for them Lady Luck was nothing but a disease-ridden whore.  Though Y&T were on the brink of a breakthrough a few times, they never really busted out.  By the time of 1987’s Contagious album, Y&T were desperately trying to hang on.  Their attempt at dumbed-down party rock was a wild swing and a miss.  Contagious was, for all intents and purposes, an embarrassment.  At least 1990’s Ten (Geffen Records) saw them correct the ship (a little).  Ten was certainly no Black Tiger, but at least Y&T could show their faces in public again.  My score: C+


4 thoughts on “Y&T – “Ten” (1990)

  1. I Reviewed Down For are Count under 3/4 ‘s Filler at my site! I totally agree with what your saying about Black Tiger and Meanstreak! Classics…than the almighty $ took over…I did buy Contagious but after that they lost me……

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