Destruction – “Eternal Devastation” (1986)

DestructionEternal Devastation was the second album from these mop-topped iron heads.  Destruction was part of the vaunted German thrash triumvirate along with Sodom and Kreator (sort of like Germany’s heinous answer to America’s “Big Four”).  It goes without saying there is no melody whatsoever to be found here.  And that was kind of the point, I suppose.  Destruction was one of those extreme bands attempting to turn ugliness into an art form.  If this was indeed their goal, then I guess these sour Krauts hit their mark.  Heck, the guitar tone is so abrasive I swear I’m hearing a kazoo.  The vocals are not as easy to describe, but rest assured, they are terrible.  Nevertheless, Eternal Devastation isn’t entirely unlistenable – especially when the band locks on to a mid-paced groove.  Unfortunately, those moments are fleeting.  My score: C-


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