Anvil Bitch – “Rise To Offend” (1986)

Anvil BitchThe New Renaissance record label was kind of like a poor man’s Metal Blade in the 80’s.  Both labels were guilty of being a little too liberal with the record contracts.  New Renaissance threw Anvil Bitch a bone — but one wonders why.  This Pennsylvania thrash band weren’t exactly ready for the big leagues.  The sound was primitive, underground, and woefully average.  Poorly produced, to boot.  (Are those drums?  Or is someone tapping a briefcase with a pencil?)  Although 1986 was relatively early in the thrash game, I still can’t give these guys a pass.  Hey, Anvil Bitch were probably just stoked to get signed to a record deal at all.  Who could blame ’em?  Even though Rise To Offend is pretty f*cking forgettable, at least they made an album.  What have I ever done?  Jack squat is what!  My score: C-


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