Stormwitch – “The Beauty And The Beast” (1987)

StormwitchThe good folks at Battle Cry Records were nice enough to re-release the first five Stormwitch albums on CD in 2005 — and I own ’em all!  Not a bad investment if you ask me.  Stormwitch are an overlooked band worthy of some attention.  (Okay, truth be told Stormwitch’s fifth album was a bit of a dumpster fire, but hey, the first four were very solid!)

Stormwitch refined their sound on The Beauty And The Beast, their fourth album.  Keyboards entered the fray, and female backing vocals appeared on a few tunes.  Better production this time ’round, too.  GAMA Records gave Stormwitch a bigger budget thanks to the relative success of their first three albums.  Overall, The Beauty And The Beast is a more melodic, more “mature”, Stormwitch.  (Although I miss the campy horror themes of their first three albums.)  The Beauty And The Beast stands today as Stormwitch’s best-selling album, and I would argue it is their best work.  Standout cuts include the minstrel-like, medieval ballad Tears By The Firelight, the pirate-themed Tigers Of The Sea (giving Running Wild a run for their doubloons), and the galloping Emerald Eye.  Heck, throw Russia’s On Fire in there, too.  My score: B+


2 thoughts on “Stormwitch – “The Beauty And The Beast” (1987)

  1. I’m still convinced you’re making half of these bands up, but that doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of your reviews at all. Personally, call me shallow, but I’d ask the chick on the left out.

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