U.D.O. – “Animal House” (1987)

U.D.O.In 1987, Udo Dirkschneider left Accept.  His new band, called U.D.O., released their first album Animal House in ’87.  Interestingly, all the songs on Animal House were written by Accept and Deaffy.  (Deaffy was a pseudonym for Gaby Hauke, Accept’s manager and lyricist.)  According to metal journalist Martin Popoff, these songs were originally intended for Accept’s follow-up to 1986’s Russian Roulette.  But at the behest of their record label, Accept ditched both the songs and Udo.  So in a way, Animal House is kind of the lost Accept album.  And I actually think it’s a great record — better than Accept’s two previous (Russian Roulette and Metal Heart).

A strange looking dude, that Udo.  He had the body of a garden gnome, the hairdo of a six year old, and the face of a gargoyle.  But Udo’s metal-ness was never in question.  On Animal House, the hoarse ol’ warhorse and his new band of mercenaries plowed through this blistering n’ burning set of Accept castoffs.  What coulda-shoulda been one of Accepts best records instead flew the U.D.O. flag.  So check it out!  You better believe this one will torch your testes!  My score: A


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