Gothic Slam – “Just A Face In The Crowd” (1989)

Gothic SlamA tip of the cap to these ol’ boys for covering the overlooked Thunder And Lightning by Thin Lizzy!

Gothic Slam was an east coast thrash band that lived long enough to release two albums in the late eighties.  Just A Face In The Crowd was their second and final.  Gothic Slam were easy to like — mostly because they came off as genuine and wholly committed to thrash.  At times, I’m reminded of east coast thrash legends Overkill — especially regarding the vocal style of Daniel Gomez (which is similar to the punk-ish spew of Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth.)  These guys were young, enthusiastic, and (judging by the lyrics), socio-politically conscious.  It’s clear that Gothic Slam had heart.  That is something that goes a long way with me.  I think “heart” is one of those intangible things that finds its way into the finished product.  You can just tell when a band is giving their all rather than just phoning it in for a pay day.  Even when the songs aren’t the greatest, that sense of heart keeps me interested.

Is Just A Face In The Crowd a lost classic?  Not exactly.  But if it had more songs like Who Died And Made You God, we might have a different story on our hands!  Raise a glass to Gothic Slam anyway.  Yes, Just A Face In The Crowd is a forgotten album, but one that might be worthy of a second look.  My score: B-


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